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Operating in a store front for eight years and being open for over fifteen, we have been visited by many companies for consultations. All of them have one thing in common –  they want success on the web and want their phone to ring from their digital marketing.  That’s Make It Loud’s goal –  to help you as a business owner provide for your business, family, and employees.  As our customer, we make sure to cater to your needs, being truthful about what you can expect from a solid digital marketing strategy, and helping you to understand where to invest your hard earned marketing dollars, and where not to.   We offer services in Web design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and More!


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Web Design
Your website is the digital front door of your business. If you don’t make the right impression, your website could be driving your customers to your competitors. Make It Loud can help.


We specialize in providing websites for small to mid-sized businesses that not only look good but help turn browsers into customers. Isn’t that what it’s really all about? Let us give you the tools you need to get more business. Call us when you’re ready for more.

Search Engine Optimization
Being seen on the first page of Google means one thing- more business. Most people never see the results on page two or beyond. If you have a great website, we can help you get your business seen. More views means more clicks which can mean more money. It’s that simple.


There are a lot of SEO firms out there. What makes us different is that we have writers on staff who will create targeted landing pages for your site to help you be seen in the geographical areas you want customers. Let us help you bring more targeted traffic to your business. Call us and let’s talk about what it will take to get your site to page one of the search engines.

Social Media Marketing
70% of all Americans have a social media account. Three-quarters of social media users access their accounts on a daily basis. In 2015, Facebook influenced 52% of consumers’ online and offline purchases.


It has become clear that social media is not only here to stay, but is clearly entrenched into the fabric of our culture. Due to this fact, business owners now have a choice. Are they going to relocate their marketing efforts to where the people are? Or are they going to stay with what they know?


Make it Loud is here to help you and your business thrive online. Contact our social media team today to get started at

We’re Different.  Here’s How:

We’re Available & Present.  Approximately 70% of the people who come through our doors have already been cheated out of money bu another “digital marketer.”  The story is much the same:  they found someone online, spent $3-$5k on a website and then never hard back from them and now can’t find them. We finish everything we start.  When it comes to your business, you need more- more leads, more phone calls, and more money! The staff at Make It Loud understands this and works with you to identify specific ways we can help you bring so much more to your business. When it comes to digital marketing, we work with you to help determine what makes the most sense and will bring you results.

We have a Storefront.  We believe in the above so much that we’ve made it one of our core values to be accessible to our clients and have taken our storefront space to do so.  Come Visit Us, you’ll see the difference.

We’re Relational.  We still have our very first client from 15 years ago, and our clients become a part of our Make It Loud family.  We want our friends to win, and we work to that end constantly.

We Know Digital Marketing (so you don’t have to!)  It’s so much to absorb, and we free you up to go and do what you do best–  make money for your company, family, and employees.  Results are what this is about, so we take it seriously.

We Give You the Truth.  That’s the point, isn’t it?  We won’t under or over sell you, and if something isn’t viable, we’ll tell you up front. We’d rather shoot straight from the beginning so that your expectations are met, and you know what’s really possible for your marketing investment.  We have more than once turned clients away because we don’t think what they want to do is realistic, and we’d rather them now waste their money and be disappointed with the result.


Our Work Means More Business for You.

When it comes to your business, you need more- more leads, more phone calls, and more money! The staff at Make It Loud understands this and works with you to identify specific ways we can help you bring so much more to your business. When it comes to digital marketing, we work with you to help determine what makes the most sense and will bring you results.

Having a great website is essential, but digital marketing involves so much more than that. With SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and more, we can help you identify the right tools for marketing your company. We’ll even do a free website or social media analysis for you. Feel free to visit us at our storefront location in Buford Georgia, but we provide web design and digital marketing for clients all over Atlanta including Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Braselton, and other areas around Atlanta!

Web Design Company in Atlanta

Make It Loud provides affordable web design and digital marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses of all kinds. Our websites are simple to update and can be optimized to easily be found on the internet through Search Engine Optimization. With a storefront in Buford, we have web design clients all around Buford, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, and all over Atlanta.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a great website that no one can find just doesn’t work in business. Good SEO means your SEO nerd is doing everything possible to stay up to date on the latest changes and doing what’s necessary to get you ranked. When you need more visibility for your business, Make It Loud can work with you to develop and implement the best SEO strategy to get your phone ringing and your business booming.

Social Media Marketing in Atlanta

Having an effective presence on social media can make all the difference in the world with your marketing. We can help you decide the right channels for your business and help you develop a results-oriented strategy for every channel. Don’t miss out on getting the exposure your business needs. Let us help you create the right marketing campaigns for your social media channels.


Website Design

Custom-designed website to display your companies image, message, and increase customer traffic.


Search Engine Optimization

Bringing targeted traffic to your business by optimizing your site for google.


Social Media Marketing

Making sure you have a presence on all social media platforms so that you don’t miss out on exposure.

“Make It Loud is the best company you could work with to ‘Broadcast your business to the world!’ we literally get phone calls all the time that have come specifically from the work they’ve done.”

Cindi Dowdle

Atlanta Ad Graphics

Media & Awards

Make It Loud is proud to be nominated for the second year in a row for the IMPACT Award! 

We recently found out that we’ve been nominated for the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce’s IMPACT Award again! What can we say? It’s an honor to be among all the great companies that were also nominated. Stay tuned to see how this turns out!


Award Winning Web Design & Digital Marketing Firm

On our 10 Year Anniversary year, Make It Loud was given the Pinnacle Award and Small Business of the Year Award for 1-9 employees, by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce!  

Make It Loud is honored to do business in Gwinnett as well as all around the country, and we want to thank all of our clients for 15 wonderful years serving the Gwinnett community, as well as all of its staff, past and present, for all of their hard work.

We’re grateful to be the recipients of the Pinnacle Awards as well as all our other nominations! It’s validation that doing right by your customers is just the right thing to do.  We appreciate the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce for honoring us with this award, and for supporting our business every step of the way over our 13 years!


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