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Digital Marketing in Atlanta Georgia and beyond. Learn about how we do things in our videos below.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Make it Loud is to provide you with a high-quality designed website and effective digital marketing for your business to get you in front of the customers you need.

Digital Marketing That Cares

At the end of the day, good business is about relationships. There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. When we work with you, we are committed to helping you grow your business. This means we go above and beyond to discover ways to help you succeed. No matter what services we provide, we always strive to over-deliver!

Meet Make It Loud

How To Market Online


John Lehmberg:

Hi, this is John with Make It Loud Web Design, Digital Marketing. When clients meet with us, ultimately I get this look. And that look is the look of confusion.

They don’t know what they want. In fact, they have a deer in the headlights look that goes, “You have to help me because I just don’t get it.” They need to understand, they want to be successful on the internet, but they don’t know how.

Some of them have created DIY websites and they’re going, “Why doesn’t this work for me? Can’t I just have a website and get results?” That’s just not the way it works these days, and we’re going to tell you here today, and have a conversation with you about how it works and how Make It Loud can help you through the process of understanding what you need.

What Make it Loud does, we set up a time with you to meet. In fact, we set up a large amount of time. This is not just a five-minute call, we actually want to have a 40 minute conversation with you where we will learn about your business, where we will take the time to understand your needs and your goals, and we will sit down with you and execute a marketing strategy.

Now, we’ve had thousands and thousands of people through the door to Make It Loud over the years. You can see I’m in the lobby of our own offices, we have a storefront where we’re accessible to other people. So take the time to meet with us.

Take the time to do a consultation. We’ll do it face-to-face just like we’re doing here in this video, and we’ll get to know you, and get to know your business, and you’ll walk away with this strategy at the end that will help you to know exactly how to market your business on the internet.

Our Philosophy


John Lehmberg:

Ultimately, our company was founded on one simple principle, we help clients put food on the table for their families and also for the families of their staff. It really is that simple.

It is the metric that matters, it is the most important thing, and ultimately it happens when you get calls and when you get business coming into your website.

We take our 19 years’ worth of experience. We actually have a storefront here in Beaufort, Georgia. I’m sitting in the lobby where people come in all the time and consult with us to help find their way and to help find their path through the digital marketing maze. It really is a complicated thing and we use our experience to help you find it. So take the time, if you will, to sit down with us and have a conversation.

That accessibility that we provide for clients locally here in Georgia where people can walk in, we can give to you too digitally over Zoom and other tools where we’re able to connect with you to really understand what your business is about and to really help you grow it if you’d like to go do that. We’ll provide a strategy for you that’s practical and easy to follow that we can help you with. And even if you don’t do business with us, you’ll still walk away with that strategy that you can go execute and even if you just take a piece of it to begin the process of helping yourself be successful.

Once that application comes in, we’ll give you a 40-minute conversation at no obligation to you where we’ll sit down, understand your business, and help you to grow it as you move forward in the digital marketing world.

Our Success


John Lehmberg:

We are successful because our clients are successful, and our clients are profitable.

I can remember 20 years ago, or just about 20 years ago, we didn’t have a single client and I was cold calling at the time. And I remember walking into a custom frame shop where this sweet lady named Marsha met me. My first cold call and I walked in and I began to explain and have a conversation with her about what we do, and she was so compelled. She goes, “You know what? I think I want to do it.” It was just before Thanksgiving. And she said, “But I’m going to do it after Christmas.” I said, “All right.” And I filed it away and I met with some other people and two days later she called me and said, “You know what? I thought about it and I want to move ahead right now.”

A week later, she was online with her own custom framing shop website designed by Make It Loud. Not only did she have that website online, but by the time Christmas came, she had already had clients that had visited her store because they saw her website.

Now, the internet is a whole lot more complicated than that today. You can’t just go and create your own DIY website and expect to get anything. In fact, most clients who do a DIY website get absolutely nothing. You have a $20 investment, you get $20 worth of return. It just doesn’t work that way.

Nowadays, it requires not just a professionally designed website, but it requires digital marketing as well, where we can get you out on the internet and we can get you the exposure you need that gets you calls and it gets you good clients that bring in money to your business.

So we had a company come in about a year and a half ago that makes sports nets, and they took the time to do this consultation with us. And when we were done, we wound up creating a new website for them and with a custom digital marketing strategy that was designed to get them results. A year and a half later, we got a call and the client said to us, “Hey, I just want to thank you for our first million-dollar year. You were a huge part of that,” and that’s what we do for clients.

We make them successful on the internet. We take our years of experience here in Buford, Georgia, helping the Atlanta community. We’re going nationwide with our ability to go help others achieve success on the internet.

If you’d like to be successful on the internet and if you’d like for your business to achieve results that work for your company or put food on the table for your families and for the families of your staff, take the time to set up a call with us.

We do these 40-minute conversations where we’ll sit down and assess your website if you have one, or assess your business if you don’t. On the other end of that, you’ll walk away a digital marketing strategy that will help you be successful online and will take your business to the next level so that you can better provide for your family and for the families of your staff. We know you care about them.

We’re going to care about your work and about your business as well, and we can’t wait to help you. So take the time to schedule a 40-minute conversation with us.

Go register, fill out the application. We don’t work with just everybody. There is an application process to make sure that you’re a good fit for what we provide. And once that’s done, we’ll schedule a 40-minute call where we’ll assess your business and help you get this digital marketing strategy for free. John Lehmberg, Make It Loud. Broadcasting your business to the world.

Cliff and his team are amazing! They created the website really fast and communicated very well and always kept me up to date. When I saw the first sample I already got super excited! I was very happy with the outcome and definitely recommend Make it loud to anyone who is looking for a professional and high-value website!! Thank you so much.

-Vanessa Taylor

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