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We understand that in order for your business in to grow, you need a larger audience and more leads. That is why, at Make It Loud, our team of SEO experts works with Chattanooga businesses to help them reach qualified customers by transforming standard marketing plans into effective multi-channel strategies. We serve as an extension of your company, assisting in the expansion of efforts while remaining true to your objectives – all while staying within your budget.

Does Your Website Perform The Way You Think?

We all like to think that our business website is getting things done for us, but the reality is that most sites underperform horribly. Enter your domain and find out...if you dare. Moo-ha-ha!  Seriously, we'll tell you the truth with actual data.

SEO Definition

SEO, according to our definition, is the process of making your website more appealing to potential customers. Most people are perplexed by this because they believe SEO is primarily concerned with making a website more appealing to Google. The truth is that the definition of SEO is making your website appealing to both.

Google would tell you that making your site more appealing to your customers is exactly what makes it more appealing to search engines. When you think about it, Google claims to want to provide the best search results of any search engine, so why wouldn’t they want to present the best websites to their browsers?

Our Experience Gets Results and Here’s Why:

Industry Experts

We are not your typical SEO firm. Our team of industry experts are forward-thinking thought leaders in SEO marketing, so you can be confident that we will know how to help your business grow and succeed online.

Transparent Reporting

Transparent reporting is known to be the key to success in SEO marketing. That is why we provide our clients with customized reports and data so they can make business decisions based on what is most important: your ROI.

Partner In Your Business Success

To be successful in this competitive market, you must work with a company that can help you grow and scale your marketing. Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are just getting started, our team has the experience to propel your company to success.

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

SEO has never been more competitive. Consider developing an SEO strategy with our team that is tailored specifically around what will best serve your needs through customized campaigns that include technical optimization combined with content development and local marketing efforts, all supported by professional SEO experts.

Essential parts of SEO

Services We Offer

We want to offer more than just standard SEO services because we understand that one size does not fit all. Instead, our team considers the unique challenges your Chattanooga business faces before tailoring our marketing strategies to meet or exceed expectations. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Competitive Analysis – Other business owners are attempting to target your potential customers with the same service you offer. Through competitive analysis and an SEO plan designed to outperform them in relevant search results, we’ll help ensure that no one can take away what makes yours unique.
  • Website Design Services – The aesthetics and navigability of your website are critical to the success of your business. Our web design team will improve a site’s appearance, usability, security features, and speed, all of which are important for SEO.
  • Website Content Optimization – We optimize your website for success. Our SEO services are designed to produce the best results and increase traffic flow, lead conversion rates–both of which Google considers when determining how successful you are as an organization on search engines.
  • Local SEO Services-
  • Local SEO is one of the most important aspects for any business looking to succeed. It not only helps you get noticed by adding your company information into online directories like Google My Business, Yelp & more; but also increases their authority in organic search results as well-meaning higher rankings on SERPs and increase visibility overall.
  • Content Marketing Services – In today’s competitive market, content marketing is a great way to keep your brand in front of customers and generate high-quality leads. Our experts understand that success depends on fresh relevant topics or trending news pieces with syndication platforms for broad distribution across various social media networks such as Facebook & Twitter; this will ensure you rank higher than competitors who don’t have the same strategy.

          SEO Sprints

          There are instances when you require SEO assistance but lack the funding. But do not worry. The SEO Sprint is a quick burst of SEO work divided into essential portions that can help your company rank on page one of Google and stay there for a reasonable price with no long-term commitments required.

          We charge a flat rate for each of our SEO sprints and deliver results that are obvious and measurable. To ensure that there is no guesswork involved, all of the work will be displayed, just like in your high school math class. Our sprints are divided up as follows:

          Initial Sprint

          The setup work that will help you rank higher than the competitors and take the top spot on Google is included in the initial sprint. Our initial sprint entails:

          • Initial site audit
          • Keyword research
          • SEO plugin installation and configuration
          • Google Analytics/Google Search Console setup
          • SEO-friendly page titles
          • Click-friendly meta descriptions
          • Alt-tags on your images
          • SEO-friendly heading tags
          • Schema markup
          • Competitor analysis
          • Page speed audit & improvements
          • Core web vital improvements
          • Minor site tweaks to help with converting visitors to customers
          • Landing page recommendations

          Contact us today to get your SEO journey to page one started. We often see results after the initial sprint.

          Content Sprint

          You need high-quality content if you want to appear higher in search engine results. Regardless of whether your site focuses on local or national SEO, we all know that this is one of Google’s most crucial ranking factors. Once it has been correctly set up with an acceptable strategy for generating captivating content about pertinent themes, our staff will take care of everything else.

          This sprint depends upon what your site needs but may include:

          • Identification of pillar pages- main service pages that are necessary to help your business compete on Google
          • Geo-targeted landing pages- if you want to rank well in a certain city, it’s important to have a landing page for that town
          • Adding additional content to current pages
          • Rewriting current pages to make them more SEO-friendly
          • Add service pages
          • Blog posts

          Contact us today to discuss giving your website the content it needs to reach page one.

          Backlinking Sprint

          Backlinks are an essential component of SEO, as is well known. The more high-quality backlinks you have pointing to your website, the more likely it is to rank higher because Google uses your backlinks to determine how trustworthy your website may be.

          You need connections from websites with a lot of referring domains and a high domain authority (DA) if you want to obtain high-quality backlinks (RDs).

          We have 3 backlinking packages available. They are:

          The Kickstarter

          This is an excellent approach to raise your site’s position on Google if it has few backlinks. There are a total of 8 links in it. This package contains:

          • 4 links from websites with a DA of 10-20 and 20-100 RDs each
          • 2 links from sites with a DA of 10-30 with 100-250 RDs each
          • 1 link from a site with a DA of 20-40 with 250-500 RDs each
          • 1 link from a site with a DA of 30+ with 500+ RDs

          The Second Wind

          More high-quality links from websites with strong domain authority (DA) and referring domains are exactly what you need if your site is growing, but it needs a push (RD). This package includes:

          • 5 links from websites with a DA of 10-20 and 20-100 RDs each
          • 4 links from sites with a DA of 10-30 with 100-250 RDs each
          • 4 links from a site with a DA of 20-40 with 250-500 RDs each
          • 2 links from a site with a DA of 30+ with 500+ RDs

          The Rocket

          This backlink package, which has a strong backlink profile with high-quality links from websites with strong domain authority (DA) and referring domains (RD), makes sense for you if your company is in a competitive industry.

          • 7 links from websites with a DA of 10-20 and 20-100 RDs each
          • 6 links from sites with a DA of 10-30 with 100-250 RDs each
          • 6 links from a site with a DA of 20-40 with 250-500 RDs each
          • 3 links from a site with a DA of 30+ with 500+ RDs

          Contact us today to learn more about our sprints. We think you’ll love the results.

          What You Can Expect From Our SEO Services

          You can outrank your competitors and increase revenue by using Make It Loud’s SEO services. Our team of expert marketers is ready to assist with any marketing campaign that will increase Google visibility. Here’s what to expect:

          • Gain Insight into Your Competition
          • Generate Consistent Leads
          • Get More Traffic to Your Website
          • ROI-Based Proven Results
          • Boost Rankings with Proper Keyword Research

          If you want to take your business’s marketing efforts up a notch, then it is time for some serious SEO work. We at Make It Loud are here with the knowledge and expertise that will get results. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of our client’s campaigns while providing transparent reporting so they can track their success in real-time — contact us today for a free consultation.

          About Chattanooga

          Located in southeastern Tennessee, Chattanooga is situated along the Tennessee River in the Appalachian Mountains’ foothills. Its trolley-like Incline Railway scales steep Lookout Mountain before arriving at Ruby Falls waterfall and Rock City, which features sweeping views, sandstone formations, and gardens. Point Park, also on Lookout Mountain, commemorates a Civil War battle that is now memorialized at the Battles for Chattanooga Museum.

          Thousands of people visit the area for attractions such as the Tennessee Aquarium, Lookout Mountain, Civil War battlefield sites, the African American Museum, and the Appalachian Trail, as well as events such as the Riverbend Festival, Bessie Smith Strut, Fall Color Cruise, the Creative Discovery Museum for Children, and the Southern Writers Conference. Every year, Chattanooga hosts the NCAA Division I-AA national football championships as well as the national softball championships.

          People who enjoy the great outdoors come to Chattanooga to go hang gliding, bass fishing, mountain climbing, and caving; the serene Smoky Mountains and Tennessee River watershed support the most diverse flora of any area in the United States.

          Our Tennessee SEO Service Area

          In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve had the privilege to work with businesses all around the country. That being said, we have happy customers throughout Tennessee in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Clarksville, and other parts of the state.

          If you’re ready to get your business more- more clicks, more leads, and more business call the staff at Make It Loud and let’s talk about the right digital marketing strategies for your business.

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