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So many SEO companies overpromise and underdeliver. Imagine SEO Specialists who actually get your phone ringing. At Make It Loud, that’s our only job.


SEO is a Numbers Game and We Play to Win

Your business provides solutions. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your business.

What’s targeted traffic? People looking for exactly what you do. That’s the whole point of SEO

The idea of SEO is simple. It’s based on putting your website in front of as many interested people as possible. The more the links to your site are displayed on page one, the more likely you are to get the click. The more clicks your site gets, the more customers you’re likely to get.

This is why SEO is one of the most popular online marketing elements used today.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Anyways?

There are plenty of people that think search engine optimization is nothing short of voodoo magic. You can still probably find “gurus” out there that can baffle you with jargon and terms that make it sound like something between brain surgery and launching a space shuttle. The truth is that there is a bit of mystery involved, but for the most part, it’s about making Google happy.

The point of it all is to get links to your website consistently displayed on page one of the search results. As much as Google wants everyone to pay them for Google Adwords campaigns, people click on the organic links more consistently (the 10 links NOT marked “Ad” often under the 3 map listings).

How SEO Helps Your Business Grow

If you’ve ever been to a networking meeting, it’s a room filled with people trying to get more business for themselves. Let’s say that someone says they need a plumber. It’s not unusual for someone to know a plumber and give them the number.

With SEO, that’s Google’s job. Just over 80% of all Americans turn to Google to solve all their problems and answer all their questions. This means that every year, Google is the guy at the networking meeting who ALWAYS “knows a guy” and has a referral. To the tune of over a trillion searches a year, Google is connecting people with needs with people with solutions.

SEO works on your behalf to make sure that your business is one of those solutions that’s displayed for those who need what you do.

Google My Business Profile Optimization

Included In addition to website SEO, we emphasize optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) presence as a key part of our services. This specialized local SEO component ensures your company:

  • Ranks prominently on Google’s local map pack results for “near me” searches
  • Maintains accurate, consistent citations across directories and data aggregators
  • Showcases engaging visuals and sells effectively via your Google listing
  • Outperforms local competitors in your geographic area or service radius
  • Captures more visibility for localized searches with high purchase intent

We leverage every modern local SEO technique and ranking factor to make your Google My Business listing an indispensable asset for customer acquisition.

Essential parts of SEO
Google Page Experience Update

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There are several different pricing models for search engine optimization around the country. Most companies charge a monthly fee. The national average is around $1000 a month. This can vary depending upon the size of the geographic area the SEO firm is targeting and the competitiveness of the industry.

This makes sense when you consider the work involved in getting a platypus pet store ranked on page one in Miami vs a divorce attorney. While there probably aren’t many platypus pet stores, you’ll find a divorce attorney on every block (It’s just a more competitive industry!).

This model is far and away from the most popular form of pricing in the world of digital marketing.

Before You Consider Search Engine Optimization…


We turn down a lot of businesses when they call us to request SEO.


Simple. Their website is on an older platform, needs a redesign, or has technical issues. We’ll tell you the truth about your website. We don’t want to take on a client for SEO when their website needs a ton of work first.

Bringing traffic to a bad site just sends them away to your competitors faster. Instead, we’ll recommend that you don’t pay just us, but anyone for SEO until your website is addressed first. We find that honesty is what always serves our clients best.

Why Contact Make It Loud For SEO?

Award-Winning SEO Expertise

Our team at Make It Loud Digital Marketing has been nationally recognized for our ability to drive exceptional SEO results for clients across a wide range of industries. We’ve won numerous awards for our innovative, performance-focused SEO strategies.

We don’t just talk about SEO—we live and breathe it every single day, staying ahead of the curve with the latest algorithm updates, industry shifts, and ranking factors.

20+ Years Generating Quantifiable Business Growth Through SEO

Since our founding, Make It Loud Digital Marketing has remained a pioneer in the SEO space, perfecting a holistic, data-driven approach that focuses on moving the metrics that truly matter to companies’ bottom lines.

With over two decades of experience under our belt, we’ve mastered the art and science of designing customized SEO campaigns that deliver outstanding returns through increased website traffic, leads, sales, and measurable revenue growth.

No matter your industry or degree of competition, we have the proven expertise to elevate your online visibility and dominate your market.

Diverse, Multi-Industry Experience

One key advantage that sets Make It Loud Digital Marketing apart is our diverse experience working with clients spanning a vast array of sectors, including, Healthcare, Finance, E-Commerce, Manufacturing and more.

Our cross-industry experience allows us to extract valuable insights and best practices that can be applied to supercharge your SEO strategy. We understand the nuances, pain points, and unique needs of businesses in different spaces.

At the same time, we take a personalized approach, treating each client as a partner and taking the time to intimately understand your specific goals, challenges, and competitive landscape. We never apply a one-size-fits-all formula – every SEO plan is precisely tailored to help you gain an unfair advantage.

Comprehensive, Future-Proof SEO Services

In today’s dynamic online ecosystem, outdated SEO tactics focused solely on short-term ranking boosts through exploitative “black hat” methods won’t cut it. At Make It Loud Digital Marketing, we take a comprehensive, future-proof approach centered around creating long-term value that compounds over time.

A Focus on Profit, Not Vanity Metrics

Too many Florida SEO agencies remain fixated on outdated “vanity” metrics like raw website traffic and keyword rankings that don’t necessarily translate into business growth. In contrast, Make It Loud Digital Marketing relentlessly zeroes in on the metrics proven to impact company profits.

The Difference Between Good And Bad SEO

 One of the biggest questions for anyone interviewing an SEO company is, “Who is writing the necessary content?”

If the answer is, “What content?” just excuse yourself from the meeting and move on.

At Make It Loud, we spend the lion’s share of our time planning and creating content that will help our client’s site rank well in the search results. With strong website content, blog posts, and landing pages, we write the content that gets your business seen.

Why We Turn Some Companies Down For SEO

We understand that it may sound crazy for an SEO company to actually turn away business, but it really does sometimes.

You see, we like to sleep well at night, and taking someone’s money when they have a website that we know won’t convert doesn’t sit well with us.

Why drive traffic to a site people are just going to bounce away from? That doesn’t work for us. That’s why we give our honest feedback about how the site looks. We bring our 20 years of experience and look at things from the perspective of your customers. We’re very direct with our feedback because it’s about your livelihood and not your feelings. Our goal is simply- we want to help you make more money.

If your website is poorly designed, outdated, or just flat ugly, we will suggest that you don’t spend money on SEO. Instead, we’ll advise you to invest in a better website rather than flushing money down the drain on driving traffic to a bad website. It’s really that simple.

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Our Florida Service Area

We have happy SEO clients all around the country. We absolutely love working with people in Florida because it gives us a reason to “go on a business trip”.

Besides St. Petersburg, we have worked with clients In Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Panama City and more.

When you’re ready to include SEO in your marketing mix, give us a call. We want you to become our next success story.

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