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SEO connects your business with potential customers. Let us put your company in front of the very people who are looking for you.

SEO Puts Your Company In Front Of The Right People!

Your next customer is looking for you right now, but most people don’t make it past the first page of the search results. This means that if your business isn’t on page one, you’re not getting the clicks you need to grow your business. We can help. 

For more than 10 years, we’ve been using SEO to bring targeted traffic to our customer’s business. This brings more clicks, more website visitors and more revenue. Who wouldn’t want all that?

Search engine optimization is a numbers game. The more often you can put your business in front of people, the more likely you are to get the potential customer to your website which means they are more likely to hire you or buy from you. 

Let’s face it, if your website isn’t on page one, the chances of being seen go down dramatically. Our staff has worked with a wide variety of companies in many different industries. We understand what your website needs to be on page one. Call us and let’s talk about what it takes to get your business more visibility. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

For many years, digital marketing experts would toss around the term “SEO” and expect people to understand what they meant. Over time, many business owners have become wiser about the term, but most still don’t understand much about what it is exactly.

SEO Definition

Our definition of SEO is that it is the process of making your website more attractive to your potential customers. This confuses most people because they think that SEO is more about making the site more attractive to Google. The truth is that the meaning of SEO is really making your website attractive to both.

The people at Google would tell you that making your site more attractive to your customers is exactly what makes it more attractive to the search engines. If you think about it, Google says they want to provide the best results of any search engine, so why wouldn’t they want to present the best websites for their browsers.

Never Pay For SEO On A Bad Website!

We talk to a lot of people that ask about Search Engine Optimization. Far too often, business owners think we can work some magic and make an outdated site and get it to page one. This is seldom the case.

Whenever someone expresses interest in SEO, we do a fairly comprehensive website review in order to identify what it would take to help the site get to page one of the search results. Not all websites are created equally. Many times, we have turned down a potential SEO client because their website simply wasn’t ready. 

Paying an SEO nerd to get a “bad” website ranked is like trying to fly an aircraft carrier. It’s just not going to work. This is why we won’t take on a client that we don’t feel we can win. 

What is a Search Engine and how does it work?

Have you ever stopped to think about how Google works? Most of us have heard that there is a search “algorithm” that changes all the time, but what exactly is the algorithm?

At Make It Loud, we teach how Google works by making a comparison to the cute little yellow guys or minions. Google has little minions or “spy bots” with cameras that go all around the Internet and take vacation pictures of their trip. These pictures are snapshots of all the websites they’ve visited. They take these vacation photos and put them into a photo album. So, when you and I search Google, we’re only searching those photo albums- not the entire Internet.

So, when the minions crawl your site, they have a long list of items they check your site for. Each of these items is weighted differently- in terms of how much they matter regarding your rankings. For the most part, this is what changes when they say the algorithm has changed (although there are times when Google changes something drastically).

All this is important to understand so that you know what’s important to Google. One thing that will most likely never change is the idea that whatever is important to your customers is important to the search engines. It’s a rule of thumb we go by whenever we’re doing SEO for our clients.

The Basics of an SEO Strategy

When clients hire us to do SEO, it’s almost like there’s an adoption process. We dive into their business to learn as much as we can. The more we know, the more we can get into the minds of their customers. Why start there? It’s how we begin to understand what your customers type into the Google search bar. This begins the process of understanding a winning keyword strategy.

Once we feel we have that level of understanding, we begin writing- page titles, meta descriptions (not to get too nerdy) and most importantly, landing pages. Our goal is to create the kind of content that will help Google see that your business deserves page one for the excellent content.
Once we have the content strategy, we make review the site architecture and adjust this to what, in our experience, Google is looking for. After that, we work on the technical aspects of SEO.

How long does it take for an SEO strategy to work?

This is one of our favorite questions when discussing SEO with a potential client. We get it. You want immediate results (so do we actually! It’d be easier for everyone!), but that’s not how Google typically works. 

The standard answer most SEO nerds give is that it takes 3-6 months to see results from SEO. That’s not standard for us at all. From the moment we are hired, we start working on your business to do what we can to begin to get you greater visibility. We usually start seeing results from our work in a few days or weeks versus months.  


We talk to a lot of business owners who have trusted youngsters with their website and digital marketing. Nearly all have had negative experiences. While we have young people on staff, the director of SEO and the owner have been around for a long time. We have the experience you need to develop a winning strategy for your business. Our process has won awards. 

Isn’t that the kind of partner you need helping your business grow? Call us and let’s start with a 10-minute conversation to see if we are the right fit. 

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If you’re ready to get your business more- more clicks, more leads, and more business call the staff at Make It Loud, and let’s talk about the right website & digital marketing strategies for your business.

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