Case Study – Local Festival

Our social media campaign helped a local festival go from good to fantastic!

Project summary

Back in 2013, we had some visitors to our shop by the Mall of Georgia to talk about something we’d never done before.

They wanted us to market their annual fall festival.

We sat around our conference table with the festival organizers and we started brainstorming ideas on just how to do that. The goal was simple- bring more vendors and visitors to the Duluth Fall Festival (DFF).

We decided that the DFF had the same problem many businesses had- it was a brand awareness issue. Many people living and working in and around Duluth simply didn’t know the festival existed or they knew about it, but they weren’t aware of when it was.

The Strategy

Everyone agreed that the most effective way to market the festival was through social media marketing.

To that end, we began a campaign to begin to get their Facebook page more likes and from there, we worked to get more engagement. Once we got closer to the actual time for the festival, we began running Facebook ads to let more people know when it was along with details about attractions, music, parking, etc.

Proven Results

It may go without saying, but the organizers of the DFF were so pleased with the results of our marketing efforts the first year, they’ve rehired us every year since. Since we first got started, we have:

• We helped their page reach an excess of 21,000 page likes.

• For the ads delivered June-September cost was right at $0.16 per event response which is well below the $1 average for facebook!

• For the post festival ad ran in October for website visits to gain volunteers/sponsors we saw 447 website clicks at $0.34 per click

• We reached over 155,000 people with the event ads we put out in 2019.

• The very first year we increased their social media reach by 399%

Page Likes

Per Event Response

People Reached With Ads

Avg. People in Attendance Each Year

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