You can get more traffic or you can convert more visitors to customers, but did you know there’s a third option? Traffic Scout.

Traffic Scout Helps You Identify More Prospects

Traffic Scout is a simple process that gives you data about visitors to your website. Your analytics can give you overall numbers about your site visits, but our system gives you the name of the company looking at your site along with other data points that help you understand whether or not this visitor is a viable lead.


Your Website Is Missing Something


As a business owner, you work hard to bring more traffic to your website. You may have even spent money on ways to convert more of your website visitors into customers. But what about the visitors you don’t know about?

Many websites have a conversion rate that’s in the range of 2%-4%. This means that that 96% or more of the people that come to your website never fill out a form, never download your offer and never call you.

Most of the time, you simply have no idea who’s been visiting your website, and in this case, what you don’t know has hurt your bottom line.

We have a way to put these visitors into your sales funnel.

All we need to do is place a simple code on your website, and you will begin receiving emails with information about visitors on your site. We will give you data like:

  • The name of the company looking at your website
  • What pages on your site they visited
  • How long they stayed on each page
  • How many times they’ve visited your website
  • What keywords they used to find you
  • Leaders in the company and their emails

Traffic Scout helps you uncover all the business you’ve been missing.

Discover All The Prospects You’ve Been Missing!

Your website works harder than you think it does. 

Every day, you get visitors that, for whatever reason, don’t call you or fill out a form. Maybe they got distracted or pulled away for some reason. Maybe they’re in the beginning stages of looking for the services you provide. But, they simply slip away without you ever knowing. 

Traffic Scout gives you a way to identify these prospects and put them in your sales funnel. Let us show you how. 

Who Benefits from Traffic Scout?

Our system works exceptionally well for any website that specializes in business to business relationships. This includes:


  • Manufacturing                           
  • CEO’s/VP Sales/VP Marketing/Marketing Director/Sales Director
  • Software
  • IT Solutions
  • Staffing Companies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Commercial Construction
  • Transportation
  • Freight
  • Anyone that is b2b and has a website

Contact us and lets schedule a demo of our software. We’ll show you how you can add the visitors you never knew you had to your sales funnel. Let’s work together to improve your bottom line.

Our Service Area 


We work with companies all across the United States. That being said, most of our business comes from around Atlanta, but we have happy customers throughout Georgia in Augusta, Savannah, Columbus, Macon, and Athens. We work with companies in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee as well.

If you’re ready to get your business more prospects, call the staff at Make It Loud and let’s talk about how Traffic Scout might be right for you.

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