Case Study – Plumbing Company

This Gwinnett based plumbing company’s Pay-Per-Click campaigns generated a fantastic conversion rate and consistant results.

Project summary

This client came to us like several of our clients do. Many of our clients have either outsourced before, or tried doing advertising themselves, and found tracking leads to be a particularly difficult piece of the puzzle. They had not had a real gauge for the success of their previous campaigns.

We made a plan to create a new campaign from scratch, set up a new landing pages, and track all incoming calls to close the gap in reporting for them.

With these new assets in place we could track both clicks over to the website and calls coming directly from their Google Ads campaigns.

The Strategy

Create Google Pay-Per-Click campaign(s) designed to gain exposure and brand identity through advertisements strategically created and crafted to appear in the designated ad sections on Google search.


  • Create Google Ads Search Campaign
  • Research Local Competitors & High Traffic Keywords
  • Create 10 Ad Groups to Hi-Light Different Services
  • Set Up All Ad Extensions
    • Promotion Extension was used for this client to provide searchers with the most amount of information up front.
  • Set Up Tracking Pixels to Measure All Incoming Traffic Directly From Ads and most importantly CALLS.

Proven Results

Every time a potential customer clicked on the PPC ads we created, they were directed to the phone number which was the preferred method of contact for our client.

Some people clicked on the website and/or ad extensions to learn more. More traffic meant more chances to turn site visitors into paying customers, which led to tons of new customers.

Our Google ads drove more quality traffic to their website, the design and content on the landing page we created helped to convert visitors into leads.

Overall, the ads we made resulted in 141 new leads over a 4-month span.

Cost Per Click


Avg. Conversion Rate

Total Leads


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