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By now, every business owner knows that social media can be a powerful digital marketing tool used for a variety of reasons. Social media marketing can consist of:

  • Connecting with your target market
  • Building your brand awareness
  • Increasing sales
  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Communicating with potential customers

Whatever your strategy, social media marketing consists of publishing quality content on your social media accounts, analyzing the results, and running social media ad campaigns.

While there are many, many others, the main social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Naturally, the main goal of social media marketing is to put your business in front of your target market.

Over 3 billion people in the world use social media platforms throughout the world with users and engagement growing on major platforms. This leaves business owners often wondering how to speak the same language as their friends in marketing.

There’s a need for a common language.

That’s why we thought we’d put together a collection of social media terms to help everyone get on the same page and begin to effectively communicate.

The Ultimate Collection of Social Media Terms

We have assembled this glossary with the regular wordplay, keywords, terminology, and expression of social media as a quick go-to guide for those that need it. In addition to the meanings of the terms, they have been classified in alphabetical order, because we know you’re pressed for time!

Ads Manager

Ads Manager is the tool for Facebook to create, execute and analyze social publicity. An Ads Manager will manage promotional campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network. It offers a wide variety of ad-targeted features, budgeting, and optimization. Someone with this status can create and manage Facebook ads, see analytics for boosted posts, check engagement rates, etc.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

A B2B corporation provides products or services for other companies (vs consumers), such as a consultancy firm or a tech firm. B2B brands often try to put themselves as thought leaders in their sectors on social media and provide their business partners with expert advice.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

A B2C corporation specifically targets customers such as a hotel or clothing store. B2C businesses also rely on the development and distribution of culture around their brand in social media marketing.


Your social media bio is a concise overview of who you are in your profile. It is also a good place to post website connections or other accounts. This is known as a bio on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter while on LinkedIn it’s considered an overview.

Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager provides companies with tools to better monitor their sites, ad profiles, and staff members. It provides a hub for connecting publicity, financing, users, and pages to the company and provides simple management. It also means that the data and account usage of companies are lawfully and virtually controlled by the corporation rather than by an actual customer.


A chatbot is an artificial intelligence application that can simplify a company’s customer experiences. Chatbots from Facebook Messenger and Slack can be used on a range of social media applications. You can assist, answer questions, and even set up appointments automatically. Chatbots are often helpful to put on your website to interact with potential customers immediately as they land on your site.

Content Marketing

This is a general term to describe the process of creating content in all forms for your business. Your content marketing strategy includes everything you might write or produce on behalf of your business including blogging strategy, photos and videos, infographics, case studies, social media posts, PR content, etc.

Conversion Rate (CVR)

The conversion rate on social media refers to the number of people who view the post or ad and then take a certain action. It is called a transfer, and this could include a purchase of a product, newsletter signup, an eBook download, or some other events. Your CVR is an essential indicator to determine how successful your post or ad is if your social media marketing aim is to maximize conversions.

Cost Per Conversion

This refers to the actual cost your business incurs to acquire a real customer. The goal here is to make this figure as small as possible. The formula is the total cost of generating the traffic divided by the number of conversions (actual sales). For example, if you spent $1000 on an ad campaign that got 100 views and 20 conversions, your CPC would be $1000/20=$50 spent per conversion.

Dark Social

The dark social is frequently mistaken for dark postings, but the two phrases in social media have little to do with each other. Dark social is Web traffic that analytical software fights to trace from social media. This is mostly how people share social connections in conversations or instant messages privately.


A social media feed is a common expression for the content source that other people will see. The feed acts as a dashboard in most social networks, making it the most popular means of seeing and communicating with people.


A social media user is a follower who has subscribed to your content. Followers will have accounts for both personal and business. Your membership is a vital test to see how your culture on social media expands or decreases over time.


A hashtag (#), is a way to associate social media posts with other posts that deal with the same subject or theme. Users can identify all public posts that have a particular hashtag. Users that look for World Cup material, for instance, might search for #WorldCup or #FIFA links. Social media marketers also monitor hashtags’ usage over time and see social media trends. There are hashtag generators out there that can help you identify hashtags you can use to get more exposure to your posts.

Influencer Marketing

Just as you might pick a well-known spokesperson for a Superbowl ad, influencer marketing is where you might select a well-known personality on social media to mention your product or service. There is an entire industry built up around public figures on social media channels that are available to post about your business- for a fee.


Simply put, this is the number of times your content has been shown on the social media channel. By and large, most people simply look at this term as a vanity metric that is only a part of the puzzle necessary to put more money in your pocket.


In the beginning, the word mème meant any concept which circulated, multiplied, and modified in a viral way, but in the Social Media sense, it meant something special. Social media memes are funny bits of words, videos, or photographs that are viral and allow users to joke by making and posting their own variations.


Reach is a measure in social media that shows you how many people read your post, tweet, etc. It varies from impressions because even though your post is seen by a user several times, it still matters only as a single individual. Reach is an important measure to see the extent to which the viewer is responsible for your advertising and measure your success through brand recognition.

Shareable Content

Social networking content is content that can be shared by people on their networks. Many factors, like how helpful, fun, and motivational, influence what makes content shared. Content that causes intense feelings and responses may also be posted more often.

Social Customer Service

Social customer care is social media customer service. This may involve answering customer inquiries, dealing with and assistance with complaints. The better wager for social influence in 2021 is private Message Apps with 70.0% more preference for “send us” over “Call us.”

Social Media Monitoring

There are various tools available that will allow you to monitor brands, mentions, etc. These social media monitoring tools allow you to identify trending topics and conversations you might want to join in order to get more exposure for your business. Some of the better-known social monitoring tools are Buzzsumo, Social Mention, Followerwonk, and TweetReach.

Social Selling

This is the process of finding, connecting with, nurturing relationships with, and understanding the people that make up your target market. There is an art to social selling and far too many people lead with the ask which can effectively turn away a potential customer.


Targeting is a word that refers to the way you pick the future publicity for your ads. Many social advertising platforms let you determine which users your ads can view by age, location, gender, interests, and a number of other factors. Targeting choices are one of the main ways you can decide what demographic sees your content. This is essential with things like Facebook advertising.


Viral is a concept that describes contents multiplying through social media rapidly. This happens more as more people share the content with their fans and their fans share the same content with their fans. The holy grail in the promotion of social media creates promotional material that guarantees a massive audience without a cent.

Leveling Up with Make It Loud

Whether you decide to work with the Make It Loud team for web design, search engine optimization, Google Ads or social media marketing, you can rest assured that we speak the language. It’s our job to stay up on the current digital marketing trends that are effective for your business (so you don’t have to!)

For more than 15 years, we’ve been working with business owners just like you to grow your company and put more money in your pocket. We don’t consider ourselves successful until you are. Contact us today and let’s get started with improving your bottom line.



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