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May 5, 2017

Best Online Marketing Services – SEO Marketing Company

Internet Marketing Services – SEO Company

It’s funny, some companies come up like a bolt of lightning, emerging through the clouds with all the thunder, lightning, pomp, and circumstance of a newbie to the internet market.  Sometimes they last, sometimes they don’t.  Companies like the Microsoft and Apple steadily build their companies, take over market share, and provide services that fall into the category.  You see them coming.  You see their impact.  You see what they can and can’t do, and you know their limits.

Then there are the stealth corporations of the world, who grow into the monstrosity almost silently.  One day you awaken, and they are entrenched, and you wonder if that is a good or a bad thing.  For the past 15 years or so, people have been frightened that Microsoft was going to take over the world, elevating Bill Gates to Nerd King of this great land, while Apple bites at their heels, stealing their market share. Like the cold war between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., we’ve watched each side duke it out.  All the while, silently, almost imperceivable, Google is entrenched.

And now, I am truly beginning to wonder if that is a good thing.

Have you ever phoned Google?  You can’t.  Tried to get a contact email address where someone will respond?  Not really.  They are not only entrenched, they are unreachable.  If this were ANY OTHER COMPANY in this world, that we spent hard-earned dollars on, we’d not tolerate such a thing.  Yet we do.

And what of personal privacy?  We all know that it’s become a serious issue on the ‘net, but do you really want EVERY SEARCH YOU EVER DO, for the rest of your life, FOREVER RECORDED by Google?  Every site you ever visit?  I can hear your response already, “So John, if people aren’t searching for inappropriate stuff, they have nothing to hide.”  Perhaps, but people have personal and private medical issues they search for information on the net, there is family research, people do financial things on the ‘net and have private conversations.  Do we really want everything we do to be recorded by Google, then “anonymously” and sold off to the highest bidder?  I understand the need to chase predators. We all do.  But what about the average personal things in life?  This is now Google’s way.

On top of that Google is raking in the cash hand over fist on their SEM/Pay Per Click Ads.  Who monitors them?  Who makes sure that they don’t have little computer programs out there clicking on all of the ads and raking in the dough for them?  They could do it easily.  If they can have spiders, intelligent programs, that scour the internet, returning information to the mother ship, they are certainly intelligent enough to create a program that will click through on links so they can achieve profits

If you are a small business owner and you have a Web Site, then I’m sure you would like to increase your traffic. I am going to try to explain this in the most simplistic way possible, but unfortunately, the process is not simple. This guide is specifically made for clients of Make It Loud Web Design. The reason for this is because there are alternate steps in Search Engine Optimization that should be done in addition to backlinking. Here at Make It Loud, we start our clients off with their choice of “keywords” or “meta tags” and apply these to the website not only in coding but in the text, Page Descriptions, Image Tags, etc. Other than what has described above, backlinking is a SEO element we use from time to time.

What Is a Backlink? In Short?  Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website.

Think about it like this. What is the best way to get web surfers to get to your website? By having them click a link that LEADS to your website! Backlinks are all over the web. Anytime you are Surfing a Web Page and get a lead to a completely different Web Site, then you have just clicked a Backlink for that Web Site.

How to create a backlink strategy?

In my opinion, the search engines place a lot of importance on backlinks because they want you to be interactive with other people in your Industry. They don’t want business on the web to be all about competition, instead, they want industries to work with each other and to help each other. Think about it. If you were looking up a workout routine on a website and you saw an ad that said “Best Workout Equipment for Sale!” wouldn’t you want to click it? By working with people in your Industry on the web, you will be helping the consumer and the business!

How to track backlinks?

One way that you can do this is by Google searching your URL name with links. For example Google this “link:”. Although I have had a lot of issues getting this to work these days. This is a simple tool. That’s a good thing because you don’t want to spend too much time on areas that don’t need too much time. After you click “Check”, the app will give you a list of Web Pages that are currently linking the URL that you just typed.

Woah! I don’t recognize one of these websites!

Click it and check it out. The Search Engines have sent out robots called “spiders” and have already verified that these pages have a link to your URL. Woah! I don’t see a page that I know has my website linked!! This is a problem… With many potential solutions. Let’s discuss a few.

Is it a Social Media Site? (Facebook, Twitter) If so, then there is a good chance that your Privacy Settings have disabled non-registered members from viewing parts of your Profile page. Make sure your Web Site URL is viewable to EVERYBODY and not just your friends. A Search Engine Robot is not your friend. It’s not even a registered user. So make sure that EVERYBODY can see that URL!

Did you recently create this link?

It takes the spiders some time to find the links. They don’t send them out every day, more like every other week.

Are you using a different URL?

I know that most of you with Web Sites have multiple domain names or URLS, but make sure that when backlinking all your links points to just 1. There are ways around this, but that is for another blog.

Website Building Can Be So Simple When You Hire Us!

On What Websites, Can I Link My Web Site?

  • For a Small Business:
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Residential or governmental resources
  • Your local library

Your manufacturers or retailers, or other business partners that might be willing to link to your site. Develop business relationships with non-competing businesses in the same field.

How Do I Get People to Link to Me?

ASK THEM! It’s simple. Just ask them. If they need some incentive, then tell them that you will return the favor by providing a link to their Web Site, as well. This is called a Reciprocal Link.

What If They Can’t Add a Link to Their Web Site?

The only reasons that somebody would not be able to place a link on their Web Site is…

  • They can’t find their web guy
  • They can’t edit the website by themselves.

In both cases, they need a website that they can edit themselves! This has SO MUCH VALUE IN THE WEB WORLD!

Tell them to call Steven with Make It Loud Web Design and this will never be a problem for them again!

Where else can I list my Website? …. For free…?

Not everything on the Web is free, and when it comes to getting GOOD Backlinks, you usually have to pay. But if paying is not an option, then here are some places to go link your site.

Free Backlinks for Website

Social Media Backlink Options Include;


Now that you are ready to market your website all over the web, make sure that your content is useful! If your website has something interesting to say (not just selling) then people are more likely to view your website, bookmark it, visit it again, recommend it to friends, and BUY something from it! Thank you for reading and best of luck with your Internet Marketing!

Digital Marketing in Georgia Done Right!

If you need a consultation about SEO or Web Design, our company, Make It Loud, can at the very least help you to discover if SEO or a good website fits into your budget.  It doesn’t cost anything to find out and we’d be honored to serve you, face to face when geographically possible.  Feel free to contact us by email at, visit our website at, or call us at 678.325.4007.  Even if you’re not local to Gwinnett or Atlanta, we’d be happy to do an assessment.

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