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March 14, 2009

Domain Name Purchasing Tips

101 Best Website Domain Names For Your Business

Tips To Pick The Best Domain Names:

1. Keep them as short, yet as memorable as possible. You want to have a domain name people see and can remember well, so that when they get home, they can type it in and find you easily. The shorter, generally, the easier it is to remember.

2. Steer clear of using hyphens and non-alpha characters in your domain name. People don’t generally remember where the hyphen or characters go. Using alpha characters and spelling out words is always best for recognition!

3. If at all possible, find a domain name that is available with a .com, or .net extension. .Org is also appropriate, however it often is used for non-profit organizations like churches and other 501-C3 Groups. .Com and .Net are the most commonly used extensions, and are the most easily remembered.

4. Consider purchasing both the .com and .net extensions. Domain names are so inexpensive, that their cost is usually insignificant in light of the traffic that is directed to your site by having both. If someone can’t remember whether your site is .com or .net, they can type in either and still find you. It also keeps a competitor who has the same business name in another state from securing it and getting your web business. Recent research shows that domain names effect search engine results. Choose wisely!

5. Consider purchasing your domain names for 2 or more years. Again, for reasons of search engine rankings, purchase your domain names for more than a year. Search engines now look at length of time a domain name is purchased for. The assume the longer the name is purchased for, the longer the website will be around– thus, the higher the search engine ranking.

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How to Choose a Domain Name

Every domain name is different and unique to match your company name, brand, and keywords that make your business stand out. Make It Loud inc. offers advise on how to choose the best name for your company. Choose a domain that will stay with your company for as long as you are in business.

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