Facebook Ad Account Onboarding Process

We are currently having our clients register for their business manager accounts themselves as we are huge fans of our clients “owning” their digital assets.

The partner relationship can be removed at anytime by either your side or ours, so this remains the safest way for our clients to share digital assets.

In addition, 2 Factor Authentication makes adding assets and registering difficult to do by us which is why we have added this guide to help assist you in setting up the neccesary items for Facebook advertising.

1. If your business has not already done so, we will need a business manager account set up for your Facebook Page.

2. You will need to add these assets to the manager account:

Facebook Page

Facebook Ad Account

Verified Domain

Registered Pixel

3. Once all of these assets are within the business manager account, MIL will request a partnership with your business manager account so that we will have access to all the assets included in the account.

Facebook Ad Account Onboarding

Trouble Finding Your Business Manager ID?

Payment & Campaign Build


  1. Once the request to share business manager assets has been approved by your side, we will reach out to process payment for your first month management fee prior to beginning the work to build your campaign. No payments will be made towards ad spend until the campaign is live.
  2. Once payment is made, we can begin creating the first ad campaign. After I create the campaign, I will send a draft to you for review before the campaign goes live.