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Since its arrival on the market in November 2022, ChatGPT has paved the way for a tsunami of AI tools. It’s easy to understand why. The productivity, editing, and knowledge companies can gain from AI tools like ChatGPT are endless.

With so many new AI tools available, it’s dizzying to understand what they all do. It’s even harder to tell which ones will stick and which ones will fade away like a fad. Since the technology remains so new, it’s the Wild West of AI out there. It’s anyone’s guess which products will rise to the top like ChatGPT.

So now is the time to get acquainted with AI! The AI tools that will work best for you depend on your company. We’ve compiled a guide of AI tools related to content creation, image generation, podcasting, and much more! Read on to learn about some of our favorite AI products and services on the market right now.



Digital ads require constant maintenance and vigilance over analytics. Using AI can help you track the effectiveness of your campaigns in real-time.



Cataloging and photographing products for an e-commerce store is tiring and cumbersome. BlendAI intends to make your life easier. This platform helps create 3D images of your products.

Use their platform to create digital ads across platforms as well. Launch ad campaigns directly from your existing product feed and view analytics with BlendAI.

Pricing: Paid. BlendAI charges 10% of your ad spend.



Proving your worth to clients requires constant communication. Swydo was built with PPC advertisers in mind. Using their AI platform, you can create automated reports, dashboards, and much more for added transparency. Customers can review the data at any time. Seamlessly integrate with Google Ads to get real-time data to your clients.

Pricing: Paid. Try a free 14-day trial.


Content Creation

Creating content with AI on your side is a game-changer. These tools can help you gain valuable AI insights into your content before and even after you write it.



Copy.AI makes copywriting productive. Enter text about your brand’s voice and style. Copy.AI will churn out slogans, sales copy, long-form blog posts, and more. This tool is an exceptional way to brainstorm when you’re in need of new copy ideas. It also can outsource SEO tasks like writing meta descriptions and keywords.

Pricing: Free and Paid. Get a user profile with up to 2,000 words with the free package. Paid versions with unlimited versions are available in monthly or yearly billing plans.



Jasper AI is considered an alternative to ChatGPT when it comes to writing content. Unlike ChatGPT, this AI powerhouse specializes in content creation. With just a few seed words, Jasper can create long-form and short-form content within minutes. Create human-like copy like blog posts, emails, social posts, and more with Jasper.

Pricing: Paid. Pricing is available on a monthly or yearly basis. Try a 7-day free trial to see if Jasper is for you.



Neuraltext studies search engine results pages to optimize your content for SEO. Type a text prompt into their content outline generator. Neuraltext will provide top-ranking keywords, an idea for the outline, the search volume of your topic, and more. This SEO tool is excellent for collaboration with teams.

Pricing: Try for $1 for 5 days. Paid options vary from monthly starter, basic, and pro plans.



The research, creation, and publishing of content takes a lot of time out of content creators. ScaleNut is a comprehensive tool to help you with your entire content strategy. Identify top-ranking keywords, create blog posts to support them, and optimize your content toward your SEO rank all within the platform!

Pricing: Paid. Try it for a free 7-day trial first.


Simplified AI

With over 50 templates to choose from, you can create all kinds of short-form and long-form content using Simplified AI. Simplified AI can create anything from blogs, social media posts, landing page copy, and much more. Simplified AI knows how to shift from 10 different tones in 50 different languages. The rewrite function can also edit existing content for clarity and tone.

Pricing: Free and Paid. Get started for free with up to 2,000 words. Monthly pricing is available or get 35% off with a yearly subscription.


Content Editing

Proofreading content slows down your creative process. With these AI tools, you can edit your work for clarity while you write.



If you’re a Google Docs fan, Ghostwryter is for you. This add-on was made for Google Docs as a multi-purpose approach to content writing and editing. Use it as a writing assistant to clean up grammar and readability as you write. If you’re so inclined, you can also use Ghostwryter to help generate ideas for blog posts and more.

Pricing: Pay for what you use at $1 for every 37,500 words or a monthly subscription.



In a pinch, an AI-powered writing assistant can make a world of difference in your writing. Grammarly is an established content editing option for writers. Identify grammar or spelling errors in real-time with Grammarly. The premium version can help restructure sentences and make vocabulary recommendations as well.

Pricing: Free and Paid. The paid version has additional features on a premium basis for individuals and a business plan for teams.



In a sea of content, it’s important to make sure yours isn’t copying anyone else’s. OriginalityAI can analyze and flag content for plagiarism. See if any content needs to be rewritten based on its plagiarism score. Originality.AI also gives you a ranking on your content’s readability score.

Pricing: Paid. 1 cent per 100 words scanned by Originaliy.AI.



When you need a second pair of eyes on your work, Quillbot is there. Quillbot is an AI content editing tool that content creators should keep at their disposal. Input a sentence or paragraph for an optimized paraphrased version with improved sentence structure. This AI tool knows how to maintain the integrity of your original sentence while improving its clarity.

Pricing: Free and Paid. The free version allows 125 words in the paraphrase tool while premium is unlimited.



Similar to Grammarly, Wordtune is a Chrome extension to help you improve your writing. Keep Wordtune close when creating short or long-form content. This AI tool scans your writing for improvement and helps correct your grammar. You can also access Wordtune through a web app as well.

Pricing: Free or paid premium.


Image Design

AI’s ability to generate new images out of a simple text prompt is nothing short of amazing. Look out for these tools if you need image inspiration.


Dall-E 2

OpenAI has other projects besides ChatGPT. Introduce Dall-E2, an artificial intelligence program dedicated to creating images from text descriptions. Create beautiful new images based on the text you input. Expand, edit, and create new iterations based on the photo you receive.

Pricing: Paid. Dall-E2 uses a pay-as-you-go model based on how many images you generate. Users who sign up receive $5 in complementary credits for 3 months.



If you’re in need of some creative inspiration, HitPaw is there for you. This AI tool helps you enhance images, restore old photos, and remove imperfections. Depending on your needs, HitPaw makes an entire suite of AI products. From AI Art generators to a photo background eraser, you’ll find the capabilities you’re looking for with this product.

Pricing: Paid. Try it for free, but each app will have a separate pricing plan.


Magic Studio

Magic Studio is an impressive substitute for Photoshop with an AI twist. Create imagery from a text prompt. You can even create an AI-generated profile picture of yourself! Or upload your own photos and easily remove backgrounds, touch up imperfections, and change the size of the image.

Pricing: Free and Paid. The free version allows for image editing. To download, use a paid version of the application starting at $9.99 a month.


Stability AI

Stable Diffusion 2.0 mirrors Open AI’s Dall-E2 in its function. To use Stability AI’s platform, input text and receive an AI-generated image. The main difference is Stable Diffusion 2.0 believes in using open-source code. While Dall-E2 uses the cloud, you can download this application and keep it on your computer when you need it.

Pricing: Free! Downloadable on your computer



Despite the popularity of podcasts, podcast editing is less popular. Take away hours of audio editing with any of these AI tools.


CastMagic AI

If you need a podcast assistant, look no further than CastMagic AI. This AI tool makes post-production a breeze once you’ve recorded your podcast. Upload an mp3 file of your podcast and receive show notes, transcriptions, and clips of your show. CastMagic AI also extracts meaningful quotes from your podcast for easy CTAs and social media posts.

Pricing: Paid. Your choice between their hobby, starter, and rising star pricing plans depends on how many minutes you need.



Some people prefer to work with text instead of audio. If you’re this person, Descript is an excellent podcasting editing tool for you. Once you’ve recorded your podcast, upload it to Descript. The platform transcribes your audio to text for simple editing. Make the necessary edits via text and watch your changes come to life through your video or audio.

Pricing: Free and Paid. The free option allows for 1 transcription hour a month. Choose between Creator, Pro, and Enterprise plans depending on your needs.



Podcastle takes the heavy editing sessions out of your podcast. This web-based program can create recording studio-quality sound. Clean up any messy sounds or awkward pauses with AI. You can even use Podcastle to turn a text prompt into podcast audio.

Pricing: Free and Paid.

Users can use a free Basic version of Podcastle forever! Hobby and professional podcasters may consider monthly or paid subscriptions for more features.


Tools like ChatGPT opened people’s eyes to AI’s ability to outsource text. Discover how these tools can help you ramp up your productivity and outsource tasks to AI.


GitHub Copilot

If you’re in charge of your website’s code in addition to marketing efforts, you can use some assistance. GitHub Copilot helps automate some repetitive coding tasks that developers loathe. The AI technology has an autofill feature that finishes code as you write it. As GitHub gets to know your coding style, it can also recommend code optimizations to help you code faster.

Pricing: Paid. Yearly or lifetime pricing.


Glean AI

When you’re faced with a massive financial report, you’ve probably wished someone could handle it for you. With Glean AI, that’s possible! Upload a text-based document to Glean AI for analysis of your company’s latest financial report. Using AI, Glean AI identifies insights on financial increases and decreases. Financial teams can work together collaboratively within the Glean AI platform.

Pricing: Paid. Basic and Pro versions based on your needs.


Social Media

You likely already use a digital platform for social media management and scheduling. AI tools take this capability to the next level with audience insights, advanced analytics, and much more.



For a powerful social media tool, try Emplifi. Their platform is jam-packed with a scheduling tool, audience insights, and an impressive dashboard. Get customized insights about your influencers and competitors to help inform your content strategy. They also offer e-commerce and customer service add-ons for live events and multi-channel chatbots. Customers say this platform allows them to immediately identify brand mentions and quickly reply.

Pricing: Paid. Try for free but book a demo to discuss pricing with an associate.



Let Ocoya take the heavy lifting out of social media scheduling. With thousands of social media templates to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of ideas for social content. Their built-in AI writer can also give you caption ideas. Use Ocoya to create posts and cross-post them across over 30 social platforms. Ocoya also has an e-commerce feature for product posts!

Pricing: Paid. Try a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond plan depending on your needs with a free trial.



Leverage the power of AI for your social media management with Publer. Visualize and manage your entire social media strategy through this platform. You can create posts within the platform, schedule them, and analyze your analytics all at once. The platform allows you to post across platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn. The AI-inspired analytics allow your team to analyze metrics together.

Pricing: Free and Paid. The free version is enough for 1 user. The professional plan and the business plan allow for multiple users within the platform.



From meetings to videos, transcribing is a monotonous and time-consuming task. Try any of these AI transcription tools to free up your time.



From videos to lectures, Beey creates handy transcriptions from scratch using AI. You can even upload a file from the Internet and receive a fast transcription through this platform! Receive transcriptions that are up to 90% accurate immediately. This AI tool allows you to edit the transcription text if you spot any errors. Easily create subtitles or translate your transcription in up to 20 different languages!

Pricing: Paid. Pick a standard or custom plan based on your needs. You can try Beey for free.



For more app integration options, Fireflies.AI is a great AI transcription option. Set up Fireflies through Google Meets, Zoom, or Webex. As you lead your meeting, Fireflies.Ai creates a video file, audio file, and transcription. If any team members miss the meeting, they can review it within minutes. You can also call out important soundbites to highlight the most impactful parts of your meeting.

Pricing: Free and Paid. Users can try Fireflies with 800 minutes of free storage. Explore Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans for more storage options.


Otter AI

Take the taxing task of notetaking out of the equation with Otter AI. Otter AI transcribes live meetings by connecting to Google or Microsoft calendars. The transcription is live, so all team members can view the summary of the meeting at any time. It can even take screengrabs of shared slides!

Pricing: Free and Paid. The free version allows for individual use. For teams of 2 or more, try a free 7-day trial before paying $30 a month for increased collaboration.



Video is king when it comes to engagement. Generate engaging and informative videos from simple text prompts using these tools.


DeepBrain AI

If you need to make a how-to or training video, DeepBrain AI has you covered. This AI tool uses 100 AI avatars in over 50 languages to “present” your video content. Simply type in a video script and generate a video with the avatar as your narrator. Use their editing software within the platform to make any changes with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Pricing: Try a video for free. If you’d like to use the platform, pricing is available at a pro, starter, and enterprise level.

When you need a voiceover in a pinch, Murf.AI is a great option. This AI-powered text-to-speech product creates high-quality voiceovers for any of your needs. From a product developer to a podcaster, Murf uses realistic human-like AI voices to narrate your project.

Pricing: Free and paid. Free users can enjoy up to 3 accounts with no downloads. Basic, pro, and enterprise users are paid plans with downloadable options.



Long-form videos are a demanding task. With Pictory on your side, long videos are simple. PictoryAI creates high-quality branded videos using AI. Feed the application a blog post and receive an engaging video. Automatically add captions to longer videos. Or create short-form marketing videos complete with voiceovers, music, and more.

Pricing: Paid. Choose between Starter, Premium, and Team plans based on your video needs. Start with a free trial and make up to 3 videos up to 10 minutes long!

If you need some AI inspiration for your next video, look at creates high-quality animated videos in minutes. Simply input text to tell what you’re looking for. Educational, professional, or informative videos are available via pre-made templates. If you need to adjust the tone and style depending on what the video is for, the platform allows you to do so.

Pricing: Paid. Choose from Basic, Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plans depending on your team’s video needs.


Navigating the new AI landscape

Clearly, there’s no shortage of AI tools out there. If you’re still wondering which AI tools make the most sense for your digital marketing business, we can help. We’re digital marketing experts at Make It Loud and can help you leverage AI for your business. Contact us at 678.325.4007.

Cliff Tillery, MBA is the Chief Operating Officer and SEO Director at Make It Loud which is a digital marketing firm located outside of Atlanta Georgia. More than 14 years ago, he started search engine optimization at this award-winning agency and has taught digital marketing skills to business owners at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, the Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center, and other groups.



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