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August 20, 2018

Making Your Website Work for You

Websites that Drive Traffic to Your Business

Many of the people who have websites don’t know exactly how much they can serve you and can drive you business.  When websites were new, it was easy to just create a website and get found. In 1992, there were only 10 websites on the world wide web.  When Make It Loud Web Results entered the market in 2004, there were only 51 Million.  Now, we are approaching 2 billion sites on the net, and the number of websites online continues to increase by the second, literally.

That being said, when our owner, John, built his first website for his first paying client (and by the way, almost 15 years later that person is still a client!) in mid November.  By the time the middle of December came around, the client had local rankings on page one of Google and she had clients in the door who had found her on the web.  Those days are gone, and I mean really gone.

In an environment of limited competition it’s still possible to get a result like that, but for the rest of us, google results need to be worked. 

There are a couple of ways to go about it. 

  • You can start a pay per click campaign. Pay per click can be a great add for clients who want calls, but it needs to be researched.  For some it would work great.  For some, it would be a trainwreck.  We’ve also found that clients who use tools like Google Adwords Express are paying for clicks they shouldn’t be paying for, so word to the wise, watch out if you use that tool, or you could be spending tons more on PPC with no results.
  • Start an SEO Campaign. Normally, this requires help.  Make It Loud provides those campaigns and it’s a lot of work.  Are the results good? 
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns. Facebook is a wonderful thing, particularly for a business owner.  I tell the people who are on Facebook all the time–  “You are not Facebook’s client.  Their advertisers are.”  So if you own a business and want to advertise, the good news is that FB has been extorting information out of their sheep for a decade now, and they know exactly how to put you in front of your target market.  It can be quite affordable, and is really a proactive marketing endeavor. 

You may be thinking, “Well what can I do to help myself?”  Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is to blog.  Research shows that businesses where people blog on their websites consistently outperform those that don’t.  Fact.  On top of that, you’re adding new content to your site all the time, which the big G loves. 

As always Make It Loud is always available to help you with your digital marketing.  Assessments of your digital marketing footprint are always free, and we can help you craft a winning strategy that drives business to you. Call anytime–  678.325.4007

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