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December 1, 2016

Digital Marketing Success with Make It Loud Inc.

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Marketing & Corporate Connections

This is a quick salute to our friend Susan Knox with Corporate Connections.  She invited Make it Loud to a cocktail reception honoring the opening of The Ultimate, which is a High-Definition video editing company in Buckhead.  The reception was fantastic.  The people that Susan brought together for the event meshed perfectly together.  It really was something else to watch Susan walk around the room and introduce individuals that would soon establish mutually beneficial relationships.

I know that myself and my wife, Jessica,  made several great connections for some possible websites in Gwinnett and I am thrilled about many other opportunities that have come from that night.  Without Susan, it would not have been at all possible, so Make it Loud would like to extend a special thank you to Susan Knox at the start of something new.

Small Business Marketing Firm in Atlanta Georgia is Now a Corporate Entity.

It has been a long process for Make it Loud to get to this point.  Since John started the business in 2003, we have completed over 200 websites, almost all for businesses that are local to Gwinnett County Georgia.  In 2007, John brought Josh Whitlock and me, Jacob Willis on as partners in the business.  With the new changes to our business model, we are now better suited to meet the needs of our clients in local Gwinnett County as well as several areas across the country.  Josh’s primary discipline is the Design process as well as project management.  John and I will be focusing primarily on Sales and Business Development.  With our implementation of this new division of labor for Make it Loud, we hope to serve a larger number of clients more efficiently.  Our company has been very fortunate to experience such growth and success through this economic recession.  In tough times it is natural for companies to cut back in several departments.  At Make it Loud we have seemed to notice that the businesses that invest capital in marketing during this recession are the ones that have been able to increase their revenue.  As a website and marketing company, we would love to work with you on your website to help you experience the same success we have experienced in this economy.  Through this blog, we hope to continue to communicate with our existing clients and everyone who plays a part in the Make it Loud Community.

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