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The Days Of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Are Here!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a buzzword. Some of the tools that are already on the market are changing the way we market our businesses.

Some business owners are resisting the use of AI. However, that decision may not be wise considering the benefits of AI. In fact, there are some pretty useful AI tools for digital marketing available that are worth trying out. You may already be familiar with some of the tools below, but you may not have realized how they are leveraging artificial intelligence.

If you’re willing to learn more, we’ve put together a list of tools that use AI you might find useful. But first, what is AI for marketing?

What is AI for Marketing?

AI for marketing can mean many different things, but the concept is simple enough. It’s using AI and machine learning to assist with marketing tasks- everything from helping us write content to processing customer data to designing high-quality personalized offers that customers enjoy.

Machine learning works by using algorithms and statistical models to identify patterns and generate predictions. This enables marketers, web designers, etc to focus on other critical work while AI takes care of the tedious data analysis.

Using AI tools increases customer engagement and loyalty and allows marketers to create more high lifetime-value customers (LTV). It also removes the hassle of going through every customer profile to create a personalized experience for them.

Seems ironic that we’ve found a way to automate personalization, huh?

Now the tools below will help business owners, marketers, web designers, and others in the following key areas.

Creating Personalized Offers is an AI tool that lets you import data from any web page. What makes it amazing is that it can import data that’s hidden behind login forms and other content. makes it possible to compile the imported data into spreadsheets and visualizations.

You can use the imported data to do a competitor price and customer review analysis thus helping you know which areas of your business need improvement.


LivePerson uses artificial intelligence to create a sales channel on the platforms your prospects are most comfortable with. LivePerson integrates with your website and apps such as WhatsApp and Google assistant to make it easy for your prospects to communicate with you and have meaningful conversations.


Pathmatics uses AI to analyze your competitor’s performance. It helps marketing firms to know new opportunities and shows you the best performers in your industry. Using this tool, you can easily improve your own business and enhance it to world-class standards because you are competing with the best in your industry.


GumGum uses AI to help marketers and other people in advertising, social media, and automation.

In advertising, GumGum helps you choose where to display your ads by analyzing the images and content of web pages. Thus your ad is displayed where its message matches with the webpage. GumGum is different from Google ads – Google ads don’t guarantee that your ad won’t conflict with the content of the site your ad is displayed on. For example, you wouldn’t want a doggy dental treat ad to display on a page about teeth whitening for humans.

In social media, GumGum, analyses content that’s relevant to your brand and finds opportunities that allow you to get involved in the conversation.


Cortex has lots of features, but its most notable one is its social media efforts. Cortex analyses your competitors and uses AI to enable you to create better-optimized content for your target audience.

After analysis, Cortex suggests the best times to publish your post. You can even schedule your posts. But Cortex doesn’t stop there; after publishing your content, it continues assessing your competitors and unveiling new insights.


Phrasee is an AI-powered language tool for social media marketers. Its superpower is optimizing your email subject line to make them more appealing to your audience. It helps your emails get more opens, clicks, and conversions.

When you add Phrasee to your digital campaigns, you get more engagements and conversions.

Ad Optimization and Content Marketing Tools


BuzzSumo uses AI to discover popular content on any website. You can then get content ideas that help you create engaging content. Its features, such as identifying influencers that may help your brand, make it one of the most refined AI tools around.

BuzzSumo also helps you create a content strategy that will help you know what content to publish. It also gives you insights into competitors and alerts you when it notices content crises.


Stackla helps you discover popular visual (image and video) user-generated content (UGC) that your target audience creates. It helps you turn the content into content that engages with your prospects.

With Stackla, you can;

●     Discover the perfect visuals for your campaign and publish them easily across your channels

●     Centralize your digital assets and make them available to your teams


Grammarly is an amazing proofreading tool that not only helps you correct your writing errors but also suggests ways you can improve your writing. It has a plagiarism checker and uses AI to help you make your content sound better.

It also has app integration and can be used with popular word editors, e.g., Google docs, and it gives you reports of your common mistakes, helping you improve your writing skills.


Uberflip is a highly advanced content personalization tool that enables you to create unique experiences for your customers. It uses AI to personalize content for each client you have.

With Uberflip, you can execute content personalization on a large scale which can improve the conversions of your marketing campaign.


Acrolinx is an AI tool that helps you create better marketing content at scale. Using its AI engine, it assesses your content and guides you to create better content. It can be used by marketing and product teams of any size.


Unmetric uses AI to help you improve your social strategy. It analyzes content from your competitors and discovers new content ideas and opportunities. With Unmetric, you get to know your competitor’s mistakes so you can learn from them. Also, you’ll understand what’s working in your strategy and the mistakes you’re making.


Optmyzr enables you to create pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns quickly using AI to help you monitor your ad campaigns. Furthermore, it gives you insights and alerts you about your campaigns.

This software also highlights opportunities based on the industry best practices and presents reports using visualizations that its developers promise were designed for PPC marketers.

The best feature about Optmyzr is that it does all its work without requiring you to have programming expertise.

Chatbots and Customer Interaction

Facebook Messenger bots

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social media platforms, and it’s only fair that marketers use it for marketing their products and services.

Facebook messenger bots help marketing teams to automate customer communications. The bots use AI to post content, answer questions, respond to comments, and even set reminders.


Chatbots are increasingly becoming popular, and while developing a quality bot could be expensive, ManyChat makes it easy to create chatbots using a simple drag-and-drop builder. Its other features include automation and analytics, making it an excellent tool to help your sales process.


Chatfuel is an AI tool that lets companies respond to common questions from their customers and prospects. You can integrate it with websites and social media pages.

Chatfuel improves engagement across social media channels due to its ability to respond to common questions. It has built-in templates that have different abilities for different needs. Its interaction with users is based on the template you choose.



SensAI is an AI platform that analyses how your social posts perform and provides insights that help you create a strategy that hits your targets. Its mobile app is powered by analytics that use data to help you understand what and when to post on your social media platforms.

The SensAI app gives you daily growth tips while enabling you to manage your social media accounts and engage your followers.

Google’s Analytics Intelligence

Google’s Analytics Intelligence is a free AI-powered tool that gives you actionable insights from your data. In other words, you don’t need to go through the data manually; it helps you understand the data.

You can ask it any question using natural language, and it uses its machine-learning algorithm to give you an answer.

Marketers can use Analytics intelligence even with little data. This makes it suitable for small businesses.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an analytics tool that helps you build insight-driven AI marketing strategies. It has plenty of features, but its most impressive one is that it can use data from anywhere in the customer journey to predict your customers’ future behavior, e.g., customer churn.

Final Thoughts

AI, when integrating with other marketing tools, can make your work easier. AI tools are designed to help you accomplish more with the data and resources that you have. These tools help your marketing automation, spot hidden patterns, give you predictive analytics and derive actionable insights from your data to help you create an efficient marketing process. So take a chance and reap the benefits of AI marketing tools.

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